lislis forest book
Watercolor posters
Illustration for McDonalds Ukraine
Olivье grocery store (Vienna)
Watercolor illustrations
Peak centre logo and ID
Eleven shoes for kids
Dvorichia's creamery
Libraria. Speak easy Cocktails & Jazz
«Barbaris» after shopping cafe
Watercolors by Mariczka Ruban
Oleos sunflower oil
Farmer Market supermarket
Sacha and the witch without friends
Ukrainische Kulturtage in Wien
Honey cake
Parasolka vid nasylstva (Umbrella against violence)
Frau Strudel mono cafe
"Book" center in literature museum in Kharkiv
Khrust (crunch) cookies laboratory
Cupcake studio
Restaurant day (Kharkiv.Live)
Christmas Arsenal
Holiday postcards
Christmas postcard for Decoroom
25th anniversary of Kharkiv Literature Museum
Bart flower centre
10 years in school of Andrzej Wajda
Churchkhela new packages
Brochure for yeast factory
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