Vilni. Ukrainian Design Shop
A pop-up souvenir shop project created within the frame of Vienna Design Week. 
Our aim was to show diverse works of Ukrainian creatives and to raise money 
to support them in turbulent times of war.

➢ 2022
In Summer 2022 Vienna Design Week announced an open call to implement a souvenir shop on one of the Festival's locations. Ukrainian creatives had to be in the spotlight. 
Maria Ruban and I won the competition and created the Project from scratch: from curatorial work and selection to budgeting, from exhibition to graphic design and communication with participants. Our aim was not only to show diversity of styles, technics, and materials, but also to tell the stories. The other goal was to raise money to support those who were staying in Ukraine or left the country in search of a safety space.

Each author/creative group were represented in a Shop's Catalogue, 
and their product or artwork were accompanied by a personal story.

©️VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Patrizia Gapp
©️VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar

Left to right: postcard by Mari Kinovych, plate by Seria___ Project / glasses by Re Re: Sklo, carbine by Anumo, bag by S-CAPE x Mystetskyi Arsenal 

Project Coordinator: Marina Weitgasser (Vienna Design Week)
Identity, Illustrations, Graphic Design: Maria Ruban
Exhibition Design, Graphic Design: Lera Guievska 

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